Tonight I asked my parents to cook me dinner, which is a massive step for me as no one else has cooked me a meal in a number of years, and even then I was looking over their shoulder the whole time, re-weighing ingredients and making my own estimations.

Dad chose the recipe, fish in a white cheese sauce with potatoes and veg.
Numerous ingredients in this dish would scare the hell out of my anorexia. 1.butter, 2.white flour, 3.cheese, 4.white potato, 5.milk, 6.oil
however I’m am mysteriously relaxed about the whole scenario! its a barrier I need to break and realise there’s nothing to be scared of. I am in control of my food 99% of the time so its only healthy to be able to happily pass that 1% into the hands of others, regardless to what that food may be as it creates so much more than that. It allows us to sit as a family and enjoy the same food, something we haven’t done in such a long time.

Short and sweet post today but I’m so proud. I can only hope my parents are proud too.

Until tomorrow..Emma 🙂 xo


One thought on “Goal 1 ACHIEVED

  1. Mother goose September 19, 2015 / 5:50 pm

    Very proud Emma. Onwards and upwards! Xx


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