wow. I never actually started this blog with the intention to share it on facebook. It was a way to record my progress and frankly a lazier way of informing my family of how I was doing, as it seemed easier to send them all to one place rather than text out the same essay 30 times! hahaa But when my mum asked if she could share it with her friends from work, I didn’t realise my ‘facebook friends’ would also be able to see.

At first I was slightly mortified as I didn’t want it coming across like this was a form of attention seeking or me looking for sympathy, but the response I have got has been actually incredible. Everybody has been immensely supportive, and so unbelievably understanding I am truly truly greatful!

I now see this blog as an opportunity to raise awareness and understanding for anorexia, as well as potentially helping other sufferers. So if theres any topics people would want to see a blog post about, have questions they want to ask in private, or need some advice, just add and message me on facebook or message me on here 🙂

Thankyou all..Emma xo


One thought on “Thankyou

  1. Denise September 23, 2015 / 7:23 pm

    Emma you will be a fantastic ambassador , good luck, x


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