Happy mondays

Ladies and gentleman, we have finally had success on the railway!
It would appear that my previously crappy journeys have brought around some well deserved train karma because for the first time there were no cancelations, delays, or fatalities! I was somewhat thrilled.

Back to the important stuff, i’m over half way through the trial now and it’s still pretty overwhelming. I’m still finding my feet in london but i love it here, definately considering moving down for uni but thats something to consider later on!
I’ve been thinking alot lately about ‘living in the moment’. It’s great to have long term goals, to have plans and be organised but sometimes we get carried away looking at the bigger picture and forget to do the things that benefit us right now.

In my case for instance, and for many recovering anorexics i assume, a large percentage of my time is focused on how i’m going to maintain my goal weight when i reach it as that is the position i want to be in. But because my thoughts are so focused on this goal, my actions start reflecting that, and i begin to eat/excersise as if im maintaining this healthy weight already. As great as these actions are, and will eventually have their place, they dont benefit me right now in GAINING the weight to get there. And i find myself in a limbo of ‘doing well’, eating well/not restricting, and being in a healthy positive mindset, but not moving forward physically. We need to act today in accordance to tomorrows goals. Think short term. And if next weeks goals are different, then next week you will act differently. We can’t pre empt what’s going to happen because we don’t know, we don’t know what we’re going to want next week or have to do to get there! Most of the time i waste hours worrying about something in a months time, then when i get to it i realise there was nothing to worry about!

So stop thinking about the worry in the days to come because you’re missing out on the happiness in today.

Over and out! Emma xo


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