Self esteem at 15 project

Dear 15 year old me,

I know you think you are in control, that you know best, and that you have everything planned out. You’ll lose a few pounds, be a great dancer, be happy, confident and everything you’ve ever wanted to be. I want to tell you that this is not the case. Or at least you’re about to go the wrong way, a very dangerous way about it.

If you continue down the path you have set yourself, i can’t begin to describe the suffering it will bring. You will not find happiness or satisfaction. You will spend everyday consumed with guilt, distress and obsession over your appearance.

The path you need is self acceptance, sure get healthier/fitter, but let go of your perfectionism and prioritise your health above all else, do not lose sight of that be healthy and happy. Drop the unrealistic goals and become aware of when you’re going too far. Look after the body you have been given before you do damage that is irreversible.

Please listen to your family and friends, they have your best interests at heart. Do not push them away. It will become clear who your true friends are so keep them close. Know you are good enough and be greatful of everything life has given you because its only when that is taken away will you realise how much you had to lose.

Ps. please do not chop all your hair off and dye it red because you will regret it (trust me), and stop putting foundation on your lips-not a good look..oh and go eat a muffin.

much love…and older and wiser you. 🙂 xx


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