well as of 2:05pm this afternoon i shall be on the train heading back home after a lonnnggggg month! People may have high expectations of how i’ll be when i get home and here is the reality..i am not fixed. 4 weeks on my own getting some electrical pulses jolted through my brain was never going to mend all that was broken. Theres too much damage physically, mentally and emotionally for that to have been the case. But what i can tell you is i’ll arrive back home ready to fight, ready to carry on and ready to finally let go of my eating disorder. It isn’t me, it isn’t who i used to be and it definately isn’t who i want to become. I have  a lot of lost time and happy memories to make up for, starting this weekend at my sisters engagement party! We shall be hitting the town together for the first ‘real’ time and if it’s anything like Alicante when we last attempted a night out..it shall be an interesting night providing i can stay sober past pre-drinks and not have to be carried home after 15 minutes on entering the first club we went to hahahaaa…damn those shots…

i doubt i’ll be grabbing a mcdonalds or a kebab on the way home but the night out itself is still a big step! 😉

I’ll let you know how it goes 🙂

Lots of love, Emma xo


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