Job hunting

well finding a full time job is quickly becoming the bane of my life…

looking for some kind of receptionist/office job but i am literally having NO luck whatsoever! i have zero money, nothing to do with my day and it is majorly stressing me out! On big reason i coudnt go to uni this year was that i had zero money to go with and the loan doesnt cover much..and at this rate i’m going to be in exactly the same situation come september!

Trying to stay sane, seeing all the famalam tonight at my sisters engagement party so that should cheer me up! I just keep making baby steps at the moment, i dont want to throw myself into too much too soon in terms of recovery as this always results in me going backwards..small steps forward are better than large steps back! So ill be eating my tea before i go to the party rather than eating whats there..this may seem like a ‘failure’ or ‘disappointment’, but i know myself well enough now to know that at this stage the anxiety of eating there would cause me to restrict for the rest of the day, which i cannot afford to do at this stage having just started a new eating plan that is working! So there we have it.maybe the next party ill be ready to make that step, but i’m still going to have a good time 🙂

lots of love, Emma xo


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