So last night was my sisters engagement party and it was fabulouuusss

Firstly, a congratultions to katie and jonny on their engagement! And secondly well done and thankyou for putting on such a lovely party, so much effort went into it!! It was a spanish style party with sangria, tapas and spanishy decorations hahaa they had photos put up everywhere of their relationship over the last few years, and little tapas boards for people to write messages on that they can put up on the wall when they get their own house which was a really sweet idea!

It was so lovely to spend time with family and friends and everyone had a great time! It was slightly disheartening not to be fully involved in the sense i ate before i went, and came home at the end of the party rather than joining some others in town but it was a decision i felt was best for my health at this moment in time. I’ve found an important part of recovery, especially having done the cycle a fair few times now, is spotting potential triggers for a relapse/step backwards and avoiding them. So although a big part of me wanted to eat with everyone else and drink/party to the early hours, and i may have felt slightly silly or a bit of a bore not doing so, i recognised this would lead to some form of restriction or compensatory behaviour. Not to mention it would have really taken it’s toll physically to drink too much and be out that long.

A friend of mine said to me this morning “keep going in the right direction”, and this really resonated with me. As although i might feel that progress is slow, and i’m not yet quite where i’d like to goal is still in sight as long as i dont turn around and head back down the wrong path.

So all in all it was a lovely evening and i cannot wait for the wedding!

Lots of love, Emma xo


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