Ok so i wasn’t planning on doing another post today but i saw this picture on instagram and it summed up a lot of feelings that have risen today..

12070903_932282960176890_228440507_nOne thing that keeps driving me insane is people or society stating how someone else should be/ my case, on the one hand theres the obvious example with magazines articles bashing celebrities that have gained weight and promoting ‘detox’ diets etc encouraging people being underweight, then on the other hand people keep setting a certain weight they will consider me ‘recovered’. This drives me insane. Firstly because recovery is about SO much more than the weight, the low weight is merely a side effect. And secondly I completely understand the importance of being a healthy weight and healthy mind set, that goes without saying, but along with the required indicators of health such as energy levels, my periods returning, healthy blood tests, healthy bones etc. ultimately the weight i maintain is a choice for me to make. It is my body i have to be comfortable in and others may consider me still too small, others too big, but in the words of joey triviani they are moo points. Like a cows opinion – they do not matter. I want to continue on this journey of recovery to recreate myself and find happiness, not to become someone elses idea of ‘acceptable’..and so it shall be.

rant over for tonight!!

Lots of love, Emma x


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