Weigh day Monday!

Anyone who has been in an inpatient unit will know that monday is doom day. Generally speaking it is the day you are weighed, meal plan for the week, and there are usually a bundle of meetings where decisions about your care (including home leave) are made. Being a creature of habit..monday is still the day where i weigh myself at home, and make any changes to my plan (diet and exercise) that need to or can be made with the help of those in charge of my care, depending on my progress. (I am lucky enough to have the help of some friends with a wealth of knowledge on fitness and nutrition).

So today i can announce that after nearly a week on my nw plan the weight is on the up! I’m not going into numbers as it could be triggering to some readers but i have gained within the recommended amount. Not too much, not too little..just the right boost 😉

One thing the rTMS in london has definately helped with is reducing anxiety. I was excited to see these results rather than being worried! It was reassuring and a massive relief to see my hard work has actually had results and i am a tiny bit closer to my goals! My nails are growing, my skin is better, my blood results have improved, i am enjoying the food i’m eating and i have much more energy! All good things people..all good things!

So thats todays update 🙂 Have a fabulous week everyone!-saw a quote on instagram thats proper cheesy but i love it…Work hard. Stay humble. Smile often and Love forever ❤ ❤

Emma xo


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