if you can dig yourself a hole, you can drag yourself out of it

You know those days where you just feel like crap?
Today has been one of those days..truthfully the past few days have followed suit. I hate having nothing productive to do with my day, it gives me too much time to sit and dwell on things and feel sorry for myself!

The first half of the day was spent moping around the house watching awful daytime tv and crying alot and in the past its been times like this where i would isolate myself. I already felt rubbish so why put that on other people right?? wrong.
I figured your mood is influenced by your thoughts, and your thoughts are your own. Currently ive been feeling down because on top of being bored i’ve been getting sick of constantly eating, i know i need it all but my whole day revolves around it and i dont seem to do anything else! If im not eating im sat thinking about the amount i have to eat and its draining! So logic would suggest if i switched my thoughts i would cheer up…this meant taking my mind of what was bothering me. So i popped on my coat and headed to my aunties house, it was only for two hours but i just sat, had a drink and chatted with my aunty, cousins and their little boy. It was so lovely just to have a change of scenery and its safe to say i didnt sit there feeling depressed like i would have done staying at home.

So the point i’m trying to get at here is we all have shitty days and thats ok! If you dig yourself a depressive little hole (which we’re all guilty of doing sometimes), you can stay there, only able to see the dark walls around you and inevitably continue to feel depressed..or you can drag yourself out and atleast allow yourself the chance to feel a bit better!

Lots of love, Emma xo


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