switching off..

I saw a video the other day of a young australian model explaining why she is quitting social media and i found it really honest, ensightful and inspiring. In short, she emphasises how social media (particularly ‘insta-fame’) is not real life, and it is a massive misconception that anyone will gain true happiness from a certain number of ‘likes’ or ‘followers’. The link to her video is here for those who want to watch it fully —->http://nextshark.com/essena-oneill-instagram-truth/

What particulatly hit home for me was her plea for people to get out and actually LIVE..meet people, do things you love etc. A massive part of my eating disorder has been isolating myself from family and friends, with my main priority being able to control the food im having, even through recovery. Although its important for me to track my food intake to ensure im having enough etc, i want to be able to ‘switch off’ so to speak…for instance when i go on holiday/over xmas, and food not being priority..not having to think about it..just living and enjoying time with family and friends.

So I’m putting this to the test this weekend which i will spend enjoying bonfire night with my aunty and cousins, i will not track what i eat and will have what they are having..its a start on reducing anxiety in letting other people make my food as i need to accept i cannot have full control 24/7 as thats not how life works. It will also show me that ‘switching off’ for a couple of days will not do me any physical harm…i will not put on a stone over one weekend (although that would be rather handy) and i will not fall to pieces even if i have some foods i wouldn’t usually include in my diet..its okay to have treats now and then..ESPECIALLY when you have weight to gain! hahaa its about making memories with my family and that is what I intend to do 🙂

I’ll let you know how i do 🙂

Emma xo


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