be kind to yourself

Sorry it’s been a while! Kept getting distracted everytime i went to write a post!

Anywhoooo, things are looking up! Since london i’ve been able to be increasingly kinder to myself, in every aspect..firstly and most obviously with nutrition and being able to stop punishing myself physically by restricting food, but apart from this treating myself in other ways such as getting my hair done, doing my nails etc has helped me enormously (although admitidly its done little to help my mini financial crisis ;))
I never thought i’d get to a point where i dont feel terrible about myself but i feel the best i’ve ever felt since anorexia kicked in..granted its still not the happy carefree life i had once upon a time but that is finally in sight!

Another thing i’ve been able to do is stop focusing on the aspects of myself i dont like, and try to bring out the traits that i do..for instance i always saw myself as quite a caring person so i’ve started volunteering again! i used to be quite sociable so i have made an effort to spend more time with friends and family whenever i can! Each little thing adds up..we only have one life at the end of the day so dont waste it torturing yourself!

A little bit of self-love goes further than you think 🙂

Lots of lovee, Emma xo



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