biting the bullet

i have just posted this on instagram so if you’ve seen that just ignore this 😉 but for anyone who hasnt..

13767604_1707902919430290_1767447901_n following on from my recent blog post it seems like things had been going pretty well..too well..then out of nowhere my weight gain slowed/stopped and the extreme hunger everyone talks about (that i thought id manage to avoid these past 5yrs with anorexia) has hit! theres research and the experience of others that suggests some people need in excess of 3000 calories to fully restore their bodies but ill hold my hands up to say i always thought id gain too much/too quickly as most people would t need that much to gain weight so hovered around the 2500 mark, only more recently moving up to around 2800 but still too scared to hit that 3000 number! which is ridiculous..its simply a number an irrelevant…i need however much i need to get healthy and if thats more than everyone else than thats simply tough and another challenge i have to deal with! the number itself doesn’t matter!..if it was any other illness id take as much medicine as i was prescribed and wouldnt be bothered how much anyone else had to take! so in light of these recent goings on with my weight gain stalling im biting the bullet and this marks my final snack in my second day of hitting 3000 bloody calories! but ive got a feeling im going to have to keep increasing to continue getting results both health wise and making some serious gains in the gym 😉 💪hahaa so lets see how far this has to go! imma keep fuelling those little muscles of mine, attempt to grow some form of booty and keep you all updated xoxo


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